S15-5S3.3 SMT

S15-5S3.3 SIP
  INTRONICS, Inc. introduces its new S15-5S3.3 DC/DC module for Point-of-Load Applications:
These SMT or Through-Hole Mounted, non-isolated 15A, Single Output SIP Converters offer Ultra-Wide Input Voltage Range, 50% more power than most competitors in the same form, fit and function. Other unique factor includes useradjustable output voltage, thus making the above part truly universal and able to fit majority of applications. High Volume
production results in low costs.

Many additional features are included:
• Industry Standard SIP or SMT Pinout
• High efficiency to 95%
• Ultra-wide 3.0 to 5.5Vin Range
• User-Adjustable 0.9 – 3.63V Output
• Over Temperature Protection
• Continuous Short Circuit Protection
• Remote ON/OFF
• Regulatory Agency approvals (pending)
• Available with SMD or Through-hole packaging.
  Datenblatt   246K