Pico Electronics
Representative for Europe

Transformesr & Inductors (SMD,Plug-In,Toriodal)
DC-DC Converter (Low Profile) (SMD & Plug-In)
High Power DC-DC Converter (Industry & Military)
High Voltage DC-DC Converter
AC-DC Power Supplies (Linear, Switches, Open Frame)
Power Factor Corrected Modules (99 Power Factor)

  Electro Corporation

Magnetic Speed Sensors
Hall Effect Rotary Position Transducers
Inductive Presence Sensors
Ultrsonic Presence, Position and Level Sensors


Temperature Sensors


DC-DC Converters, Isolation Amplifiers, Analog Function Modules (Analog Devices)

  Superworld Electronics

DC-DC Converters in SIL, DIL and SMD from 0.75W to 30 Watt;
DC-AC Inverters for LCD, TFT-Displays, Scanner